Living up to your Standards

There are people who just don’t live up to their own standards.  They take on the standards of others or of the culture they immerse themselves in.  Perhaps it is because they are empty and void of value.  Maybe they seek to become that which they follow or haven’t learned how to stand up for themselves.  Who knows why. They may not even know.  Evident in their behavior, they use other’s values to direct their decisions and efforts.

Everyone is unique.  Even when multiple people go through the same event, they all come out with different experiences.  Each one of us understands what happens through the lens of our own picture or mental model of the world.  Our models are continuously created throughout our lives with the primary structures built from our major experiences.  Our standards are built from the values we compare our experiences to.  Our values are derived from the good and bad experiences through our lives as well as impressions from the cultures we are a part of and interact with.  We absorb the values of others when we don’t know our own values and thereby take on the standards of others.  Part of growing up is learning how we differ from others in thought, action and deed.  Becoming an individual is the continuous art of differentiating our self from other while at the same time integrating through our interactions with others to be more than what we are alone.

Success follows our activities and decisions no matter how we define success in our lives. We are more likely to find success when we know our values and live up to our own standards.  Furthermore, we catapult ourselves over barriers and through difficulties when those standards align with our jobs, social groups and family.

It is imperative we understand what we value in life and the standards we expect of ourselves if we are to manage our personal biz successfully. It’s important to understand the values and standards of those we interact with if we choose to allow them to influence our success.

Compare yourself to your own standard.
Compare yourself to your own standard.

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