Managing Our Aging

Physical change is present throughout our lives and it’s up to us to manage it.  Our bodies grow and mature into our twenties and thirties.  In our thirties and forties our bodies begin to show signs of wear and tear depending what we did in prior years.  In our fifties and sixties we can get stuck in repeating patterns of pain and suffering if we didn’t start managing the change earlier.  Gravity constantly pulls at our tummies, nipples, facial features, genitals, muscles and other body parts.  We get hairs growing where we never thought it would.  We have odd pains without provocation.  We are gently pulled into the grave throughout our lives.  And sometimes the pull is not so gentle.

Struggling with some sciatica caused by a herniated disc from repeated small injuries shoveling wet snow this year reminded me of the importance of managing the aging process.  Part of management is observing the changes and adjusting our thinking about what can and can not be done.  On a personal level, it’s so damn hard as we get wrapped up in our identities established in our younger years.  Inside our heads we perpetuate the fallacies we developed when our bodies were more capable.  In doing so, we move out of our center and our ability to do things becomes limited by injury or illness.

It’s important to remind ourselves to adjust our thinking and approach to life if we are to manage our biz throughout our lives successfully.  We can do anything we put our minds to, but we need to be aware of our limitations and work with them appropriately.  To help us adjust it is imperative to listen to the feedback from our environment including our own bodies, doctors, friends, and family.  Some feedback has to be pitched out and some needs to be incorporated.  It’s up to us to decide what’s appropriate for our life, for our biz.

Personally, I think it’s a good goal to age and slip into permanent sleep with as little pain and suffering as possible.  As we are living longer as a species, that means managing the aging process as best as we can. Change is upon us every moment of our lives.

Gravity constantly pulls at our tummies, nipples, faces, genitals and other boy parts. We have to work to stay healthy.
Gravity constantly pulls at our tummies, nipples, faces, genitals and other boy parts. We have to work to stay healthy.

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