Long and Short of the Biz of You

I love info graphics and figured I’d give it a try with the biz of you ideas.

Take Away from the graphic is simply:

Only you can manage the changes in your life while director your activities towards the life you want and create with your purpose.  

Manage yourself. It’s that simple.

2 thoughts on “Long and Short of the Biz of You

  1. What do the widths of the graph lines mean?

    And how would you categorize spending 15 minutes on facebook or going to a movie? Would that be unused time, or gaining experience? Could you categorize this time as “maintenance” or “recharging” time where you trade time for energy?


    1. The widths of the lines represent the variations across people. It’s a generalized representation of how our energy, responsibilities and free time vary over our life times.

      Spending 15 minutes of Facebook or going to a movie is definitely a short term experience where we gain information. Whether that information and experience is useful to us depends on our purpose. Taking a date to a movie could result in a life time of connection and commitment. It could also just be time to let go of continually driving towards some goal which in itself has purpose in balancing our pursuit of whatever we are about. It’s up to each of us to categorize as appropriate to our situation.

      Thanks for the comment!


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