Freedom is Your Biz

We take our freedoms for granted.  Stop and reflect on what you have personally, at home, work, and in society.  You may not have it in the future.  We age. Health declines.  Accidents happen.  Bosses come and go as do presidents and the entourage they bring into office. What we enjoy now may be lost just around the corner.

Presently, I marvel at my ability to walk more than 50 feet.  I can go enjoy my children’s events at school or take a walk around the local lake.  A year ago, I was unable to do so.  I had to plan out my steps to support a concert of theirs.  Walking around the lake was a fantasy.  I had two herniated discs and an 8mm slip between my lumbar and sacral spine.  I took muscle relaxers, nerve desensitizers and opioids to keep working and support my family. I planned my daily chores around the efficacy of my drugs. Five months ago, I had my spine fused.  I’ve been sciatic pain free since the surgery.  I’ve had some minor issues in my recovery, but the withdrawals were the worse.  My point in this story is that I took my freedom of movement for granted.  Now, with every new day, I wake up, work out my tight spots if any and thoroughly enjoy my ability to move without drugs, pain or depression.  Recently, I picked up my son for the first time in over a year.  It was one of the greatest experiences in my life.  It’s amazing what we take for granted.

Is your freedom threatened?  Are you even aware of it?  Look around and within.  Are there signals of upcoming difficulties, restrictions of movement or signs of tyranny?  If there are symptoms then deal with it.  If you don’t, the situation will worsen and you may never recover.  This is true of our personal, work, social and political lives.  It’s the eye-see-hand-do connection my wife and I learned in martial arts.  If you see an issue, deal with it.  If you see problem, fix it.  If you have symptoms, seek the root cause and take corrective action so it does not worsen. The biz of you is about preserving your capacity for independent action on physical, social and political levels.  If you don’t do something about what you see unfolding then your business will be effected and you only have yourself to blame.  Take responsibility for your life.  Work with the verifiable facts and take action to make life better, not just for yourself but those you interact with.

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