Points of Efficacy

Do you know you the point beyond which you are unable to produce a desired or intended result? There’s a point when we don’t have enough energy to focus due to not enough food or sleep.  There’s a level of alcohol past which we lose the ability to maintain control of our actions.  There’s point… Read More

What’s Your Crap Factor?

A comment was made in a recent meeting about program management I attended where there was a discussion about dealing with difficult customers, “People don’t perceive what effort it takes to meet their expectations.  They only begin to understand when we add cost to their proposal.”  Communication is inherently inefficient.  There’s no way to know… Read More

Talk Simply Being Aware of Change

In a status review meeting the other day, the was a comment  to “Keep the presentation simple” and “Only talk to the variances.” Both of these statements had the intent of driving people to present as effectively and efficiently as possible.  How can the ideas behind these statements be applied to our personal lives? Keeping our… Read More