Nothing Like Getting Laid Off

Getting laid off, fired or let go in any capacity sucks.  It peaks emotions and some folks lose control.  Our mental model for life begins breaking down.  Our house of cards tumbles down and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with thoughts of, “What am I going to do?” or “I didn’t see this coming.”  We… Read More

Finding Our Serenity

How we respond, not react, to the issues presented to us determine how well we resolve it. Last week the doctor working with my daughter called my wife who was on travel for work.  In the call she communicated our daughter has a tumor with hardly any more information. Rightly so, my wife called me… Read More

Learning to Manage Ourselves

My son had one of those evenings parents just want to let die and fade into the forgetton past.  He was tired, unfocused and generally difficult at the end of the day.  We tried being stern as well as soft-spoken and understanding.  Nothing seemed to work.  He was upset, five years old and determined to… Read More