Our Butts have Power

My goal is to publish my manuscript.  This blog’s intent is to present the ideas of A Valued Life, Managing the Business of You.  However, I want bring the ideas to life on this blog by interspersing excerpts from the manuscript with daily experiences and reflections.  In doing so, perhaps readers can relate to the… Read More

Our Primary Resource, Time

The first resource we all have some measure of control over is time.  As Dr. Tolian Soran said in the movie Star Trek Generations, “Time is the fire in which we burn.”  This is a common sentiment especially when we do not use that fire to accomplish what we choose.   When others choose the objectives… Read More

Humanizing Business

Finding value in ourselves humanizes business. I’ve been discussing applying business principles to an individual’s life with a few colleagues.  Of interest is some individuals think that business dehumanizes.  I ask Why?  Business is the exchange of value between organizations, organizations and individuals as well as individuals and individuals.  To dehumanize is to deprive of human… Read More